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The advantages of self-lubricating bearings, such as lightweight, low noise and no oil supply, have rapidly promoted their application in automobiles. At present, the number of self-lubricating bearings used in each passenger car has exceeded 50, and they are constantly replacing needle roller and powder bearings to produce new applications; In addition to bearings, the use of self-lubricating technology in non bearing fields is also increasing, such as the self-lubricating coating swashplate developed by us for air conditioning compressor, polymer engineering plastic structural parts with self-lubricating performance, etc; The self-lubricating bearing and its materials developed by us not only meet the functional requirements, but also meet the environmental protection requirements of the automotive industry, such as RoHS, reach and other standards.

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Wafangdian Jiaqi Bearing Co., Ltd. is located in Wafangdian City, the hometown of bearings in northern China. It is a production-oriented enterprise with strong technical strength and rich bearing manufacturing experience. After the rapid development in recent years, the company has gradually established and improved the modern scientific management system, equipped with excellent production and processing equipment, and continuously improved the advanced production technology level and measurement and testing means. The company has passed the ISO9000 quality system certification and obtained the national import and export enterprise qualification certificate; In order to meet the requirements of more varieties and less quantity in the market, the company organizes production in strict accordance with the international standard ISO and national standards. The products cover 8 types, more than 100 structures, more than 250 series and 5 tolerance levels. The tube bundle dryer bearings and caster bearings produced by the company have been recognized by people from all walks of life with high-quality product quality and perfect after-sales service.

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The company produces in strict accordance with international standards ISO and national standards organizations. The products cover 8 types, more than 100 structures, more than 250 series and 5 tolerance levels.

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